Make money on Airbnb without lifting a finger

hotel-787383Want to let out your HK home but don’t want the hassle of having to check in guests, look after them and maintain a host  Airbnb listing?

AirHomeHK is a new Airbnb management service launching soon in Hong Kong that takes the stress and hassle out of letting your home. Fresh linen, welcome baskets, key exchange and 24/7 customer support for your guests, all from 10% of your listing fee.

Maximise your income by using our analytics service to find the optimal price point for your listing. Know when to increase or decrease your listing rate to maximise occupancy, earning you 15-30% more income!

Let our professional cleaners take care of all your cleaning and linen needs. Fresh crisp sheets and towels. Spotlessly clean home. All without lifting a finger.

Good hosts make more money. Let us take care of all your hosting needs, from key exchanges with the guest to 24/7 multilingual support. A better feedback rate puts your listing nearer the top of the search results and means more guests for you at a higher nightly rate.

A service pays for itself, while you put your feet up. Using our analytics and customer  support service, you can guarantee a serviced listing that will earn you more with much less hassle.

Flexibility. Out of town one week a month? No problem, our flexibility means that your place is available for guests only when you’re not there. Listings can be available from as little as 5 days a month.Take that vacation you wanted to go on, and let your listing pay for it!

Questions about our upcoming service? We’d love to hear from you –

Contact –

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