Is using Airbnb management worthwhile?

home-office-569153.jpgAs Airbnb continues to explode in popularity across the world, many people have found it as a great way to let out a room in their home, or their entire home itself. Millions of people searching for a unique rental experience have created a market that is scarcely being met by current supply, particularly in global hubs such as New York, London and Hong Kong. Give up that second job and let out your room or apartment for the weekend!

And while hosting is great and full of excitement, it can be hard work. Checking guests in and out, responding to their queries and online messages, changing linen and cleaning your home, all these tasks can add up. Not to mention the pressure of maintaining a professional listing with photos that don’t make your home look like a dimly-lit cave (harder than it seems) and also responding to guests online! Airbnb’s algorithm places hosts that respond quickly to questions higher in the search listings, meaning more attentive hosts earn more money. Ching Ching.

As hosts grapple with all these things, a new breed of property management has sprung up to take care of all these details. These startups take care of the listings, including taking professional photos, responding to guests and looking after the guests once they’ve landed. Most companies even brag that their service pays for itself, as your new optimised listing brings in 10%-30% more revenue than by doing it yourself, more than paying for their management fee.

Other services such as cleaning, linen and check ins are also possible, meaning you can peacefully leave your home and return to a clean place with a cheque waiting for you.

Check out the websites below for my list of top Airbnb management services in your city!


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