Avoiding Airbnb host fatigue

woman-506120.jpgAs Airbnb becomes more and more widespread more and more people have found it an easy and convenient way to make extra money from their home. However, washing sheets for the fourth or fifth time in a week can be tiring in the long haul. As indeed can the back-and-forth messaging that your guests require and that is necessary for guest-host compatibility.

What to do? A lot of hosts take weeks or months off Airbnb due to time constraints or other commitments, wasting time when they could be earning money from an empty place.

Time then, for the professional hosting service to step into the void. In cities around the world Airbnb management services have sprung up to fill the gap of Hosts who want to host but either cant or are willing to give up a slice of the nightly rate in order to have a hand-off approach to renting out their place. Many people use these services not just for convenience but also for practicality. By using pricing algorithms and research, they can optimise your listing and adjust it for peak points throughout the calendar, earning you even more than you  could on your own. AirhomeHK will be operating soon in Hong Kong, watch this space!




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