How Airbnb is exploding in Asia


Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, New York…..Airbnb is exploding around the world and has been doing so for a number of years. Posting exponential growth year on year is not an easy feat, but in the sharing economy anything can happen. With its origins in the San Francisco bay area, Airbnb has become overnight one of the biggest accommodation providers worldwide; all without owning or leasing a single property. Sharing has become a buzzword not just for convenience and comfort in the travel industry, but increasingly for its lucrative aspects.

However it has taken some time for Airbnb to achieve listing values outside of their home in liberal, connected San Francisco. How can Airbnb sell its idea of sharing to security-conscious homeowners in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and indeed throughout Asia?

Many new property management companies have sprung up to fill this gap. Don’t feel like leaving your keys to a stranger? Allow your door to be fitted with a lock box for the key or even better; an electronic code lock that only gives a guest access for their allotted time. Let someone else take care of the sheets, towels and trash collection for your home while you earn money. You can also make sure all guests are screened before they stay, a common prerequisite is to make sure their profile has at least 1-2 positive guest reviews by previous hosts.

In Hong Kong the number of listings on Airbnb have doubled in the course of 12 months. Earnings are up and with companies like Zens in Tokyo, AirHomeHK in Hong Kong and AfterYou in Singapore; its now easier than ever. Take the leap and be a part of the sharing revolution!


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